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Charlie just went from being a simple county jail guard, to a state prison correctional officer. He has to set up a new routine and it’s a change he wasn’t expecting. It’s a good job though, and he is doing well at it. Then things start to happen to him that he can’t explain. He blacks out, and not because he drank too much. He does a bad thing that he can’t remember doing, and something is happening to him. Will he ever be safe in his own house again?

“What’s happening to me? Am I going insane? Maybe I’m under some sort of hypnosis? How can she be two places at once? I just don’t understand why these things are happening. Ever since taking this new job at Lawrenceville things have been off. It can’t be just adjusting to the new job, it has to be more than that. Except who in their right mind would believe that an inmate is haunting me, as she sleeps inside her cell, locked away in a heavily guarded prison.”

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Divina’s dream of a normal life just got shattered.

After a life of cursed luck, a beacon of hope in the form of Satrina Loukas shines down on almost-18-year-old Divina LeBeau and her family when she sends a stack of money and three plane-tickets with a letter offering them an easier life at her prestigious estate in North Carolina. 

But when Divina arrives, it seems the family curse came with her. Satrina is dead! To make matters worse, there’s something evil hiding in Divina’s reflection, and she’s the only one who can see it. This spirit is more than just an eerie ghost – it’s out for blood! 

Join Divina’s journey as she struggles through one shocking life change after another, leading her to the moment she faces the wraith who’s been haunting her – Kyllith! It’s a moment she’ll never forget – and one she may not survive…

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In Maddison’s last visit to the ancient city, she encountered a man. More surprising was what he lacked on his face….

He wore no mask.

A hundred years since the Great Disaster and he not only lived beyond infancy, but he breathed the air. No one breathed free air anymore at the risk of dying cancerous and crazed.

Nothing of value is free—not the water, not the land, not the food…

…and certainly not the air.

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