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Dark Water Series: Book Two Launched

It is said that the witch who can cast a bobo tempo is a very powerful witch. The most powerful. And if it was meant for you, then your luck has not improved in these last few months.


When even Gran proves an unreliable resource, the girls must look to new friends to grow the magic that saved them from certain death…and destiny. Continue the journey with Lu and Sarah as they battle new, and age-old, demons.

Get your copy of To Each Her Own now on Amazon. Start the adventure with Westward to Strange, also on Amazon.

Look for Bogey, out in August 2020.

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To Each Her Own by Ray Litt
Released April 28 2020
Giveaway ends in 13 days (May 30, 2020)
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by Ray Litt (Goodreads Author)
Release date: Apr 28, 2020

Enter for a chance to win a Kindle copy of TO EACH HER OWN, the exciting sequel to Ray Litt’s WESTWARD TO STRANGE.

To Each Her Own

by Ray Litt

Giveaway ends May 30, 2020.

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Westward to Strange: Dark Water Series Book One

Mother of light. Mother of dark. It is the same. But we are out of time, Talula. You will see for yourself. Soon.


At the Salerna Beach drum circle, Lu meets Jake, a handsome addition to her brother’s typically wayward social sphere. He’s a college kid–a refreshing reprieve from high-school mundanity–and he’s undeniably interested in Lu. And Lu is interested in him. But try as she might, she can’t clear her mind long enough to enjoy it. She can’t stop thinking about the kid in the cove.

On her way to the drum circle, Lu stopped to help a boy caught in the rough waves between the cove jetties. She was lucky to see him. It’s dangerous there during the day; to swim there at night is practical suicide. But after a chilling conversation, she finds the boy isn’t in as much trouble as she thought. And their meeting does more than prevent Lu from nurturing a new crush. It casts her into a whirlwind investigation of coastal urban legends–one in particular that seems eerily tied to her own family.

Family skeletons are a funny thing. They can quickly turn a sleepy beach existence into an existential nightmare. Lu’s once loving relationship with the water becomes confusing. Primal. She loses patches of time. She has vivid nightmares. She has a fallout with her closest friend and becomes obsessed with a mysterious newcomer. Soon she finds herself wondering if there isn’t something more to these legends. If, in fact, her life depends on how quickly she can unravel the age-old mysteries of the dark water.

First in the Dark Water series, Litt’s tale—carried on the backs of a funny cast and enchanting setting—is a thrilling trip into the mesmerizing arena of mermaid mythology.

Continue the adventure with To Each Her Own, available on Amazon. Free for members of Kindle Unlimited.


A C5 realm can get very scary, and you will think the pain is real. This is devastating to both your escape and the dream’s safety. A weapon cannot kill the fears, but it can offer you a sense of control. This will buy you time to find the clues and get you closer to conversion.

King Liam

Ever wonder where dreams come from? Hop on the southbound Wanderide and join in on a Garden tour to see for yourself. Quickly, while there’s still time. Things aren’t going so well at Reverigh. The Nightmare King’s army is on the move. It’s up to Jack to save his friends, and with scarlet skeletons in his closet, a secret disease ticking at his life clock, and nightmare fears pecking away at his confidence, he has his work cut out for him.


Tonight’s special, remember? You have to get dolled up for the cheer-oath. It’s tradition.


When Candy and Agatha move to Marystown, cheer captain Missy can’t believe her good luck. The twins–equal in beauty, skill, and moxie–do more for squad vibe than a decade’s worth of tryouts ever could. But when senior night approaches and the girls head to Hell’s Cellar for the annual cheer-oath, Missy begins to wonder if the strange and violent happenings in their small town might not be such a coincidence, after all. And if Candy and Agatha aren’t just angling for her hard-earned post, but at something much, much bigger.

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